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China Fintech Report 2020

China Fintech Report 2020
China Fintech Report 2020

A comprehensive resource on the latest trends and future trajectory of the world’s largest financial tech ecosystem

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50-page report with data, analyses, and market insights

6 closed-door webinars led by China fintech's most influential C-suite executives

+ live Q&A sessions with executives and SCMP reporters

Exclusive case studies covering 5 segments in fintech


Report Overview

  • Market Overview
    Background, Funding, Underlying Technologies, Government Policies
  • Segment Trends
    Digital Payments, Digital-Only Banking, WealthTech, InsurTech, Blockchain and Digital Assets
  • Opportunities and Risks
    Positive Market Dynamics, Ecosystem and Partnership Potential, Expanding Overseas, Geopolitical Challenges, Recent Headwinds, Regulatory Shift

5 Deep-dive Segments

Features data & analyses, market insights, and case studies

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Digital Payments

  • Digital payments market size and market share
  • Bank card penetration rates
  • Ant Group and Tencent investments and partnerships
  • Case study on WeChat Pay

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Digital Banking

  • China's four licensed digital-only banks
  • Performance of Chinese privately-owned banks
  • Impact of technology on efficient banking
  • Case study on WeBank
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  • B2B and B2C wealth and asset management
  • Investable assets market size and projection
  • Tech giants' foray into consumer wealth management
  • Case study on Yu'ebao
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  • Insurance premiums market size and projection
  • Insurance penetration country benchmark
  • Rise of mutual aid platforms
  • Case study on Waterdrop
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Blockchain and Digital Assets

  • Blockchain as a national priority
  • Blockchain funding and deal activity
  • China's sovereign digital currency (DCEP)
  • Case study on Ant Chain


6 Closed-door Webinars with C-level Executives

Includes live Q&A sessions with executives and SCMP reporters

Douglas Feagin

Senior Vice President for
International Business, Ant Group

World's highest valued
Fintech company


Alan Lau

Chairman and CEO,
Tencent WeSure

Leading insurance and technology
subsidiary of Tencent 


Jack Zhang

Co-Founder and CEO,

Fintech Unicorn


Changpeng Zhao

Founder and CEO,

World's largest cryptocurrency


Lukas Petrikas

Head of Innovation and Data Lab,
Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited

Leading financial market operator
in the world 


Senior Executive (TBC)

Senior Executive



The SCMP’s “China Fintech Report” packs a wealth of information and intelligence on this dynamic financial technology market. Cooperation will continue to make a difference – for the Mainland and for Hong Kong. As the Mainland continues to expand its flourishing fintech sector, Hong Kong, as one of the world’s leading financial centres, the unique business gateway to the Mainland and a rising regional fintech power, has much to offer and is poised to reap the rewards.

Paul Chan

The Financial Secretary of Hong Kong

Research and analysis on fintech is no easy task. Things change, new services launch, new markets are created, and these developments can outpace research teams within a matter of days. The SCMP fintech report somehow defies this reality and places these developments in the context of the region’s growth story, in which Hong Kong plays a central role as Asia’s fintech hub.

King Leung

Head of Fintech, Invest Hong Kong
SCMP Research


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  • China Fintech Report 2020
  • 6 webinar sessions with fintech experts


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  • China Fintech Report 2020
    (Multiple copies)
  • 6 webinar sessions with fintech experts
    (Multiple logins)


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