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China Internet Report 2020

China has emerged on the world stage with a range of global tech companies that are innovative and competitive. And increasingly, their successes are being studied and replicated in other markets.
This third edition of the China Internet Report delves deeper and broader into China’s drive to be a global leader for innovation, and examines the opportunities and challenges for its technology-led industrial transformation. 

What’s in the Report

01. China at a Glance

02. Top Trends for 2020

  • Lasting Impact of COVID19 on China’s Tech Sector
  • China’s Accelerated Selfreliance for Tech
  • The Year of Mass Adoption for 5G
  • Livestreaming’s Third Phase in China
  • Chinese Tech Companies Listing Back Home

03. Top Funded Startups for Key Sectors

What’s Included in our China Internet Report Pro Edition

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