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China Internet Report 2020
Pro Edition

China’s sheer scale and impact as an emerging global trendsetter make the China Internet Report Pro Edition a must read for global business, policy, marketing, and technology decision makers.

USD $400
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120+ pages of insights, analysis, and stats 

6x closed-door webinars led by China tech’s most influential C-suite executives

+ Including live Q&A sessions and featuring SCMP tech reporters

10 key sectors covered with trends, figures, and cases studies


Report Overview

  • China at a Glance
    Key internet statistics and comparisons between China and the US, top players by key verticals, top Chinese internet companies, top Chinese startup exits, most active VC firms in China
  • Top Trends for 2020
    Five overarching trends for China’s technology landscape, supported by the latest figures and developments
  • Top Funded Startups
    Top funded Chinese startups by sectors
  • Deep-dive by Sector
    Comprehensive analysis, data, and case studies into 10 sectors, including ecommerce, content & media, social & messaging, 5G, artificial intelligence, smartphones & smart devices, autonomous cars, fintech, online education, and healthtech

10 Additional Deep-dive Sectors

Features comprehensive analysis, data, and case studies

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  • Overall, cross-border, luxury, fresh goods ecommerce market landscape
  • Case studies on Little Red Book and Pinduoduo
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Content & Media

  • Online and short video market
  • New developments on simplified apps
  • Growth in podcasting
  • Case study on Bilibili
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Social & Messaging

  • WeChat and Tencent’s new entrants
  • Mini-programs
  • Enterprise communications
  • Dating apps
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  • 5G development: China vs others
  • Priority of three China Telecom giants
  • Huawei’s global impact and situation
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Artificial Intelligence

  • AI market and sectors
  • China vs US
  • Prominent start-ups and investments
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Smartphones & Smart Devices

  • Smartphone makers and market share
  • Smart speaker market
  • Case studies on Xiaomi and BKK Electronics
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Autonomous Cars

  • Government and private sector developments
  • Rise of RoboTaxis
  • Autonomous delivery
  • Case study on WeRide
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  • Online payments
  • Insurance and virtual banks
  • Digital currency
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Online Education

  • Online education market and landscape
  • Policy implications
  • AI applications
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  • Healthtech market and landscape
  • Online consultations
  • AI medical imaging
  • Genome sequencing

6 Closed-door Webinars with C-level Executives

Includes live Q&A sessions with top China tech executives and SCMP tech reporters

Future of IPOs

Charles Li

Chief Executive Officer of
Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited

Leading financial market operator in the world


Coming Soon

Autonomous Driving

James Peng

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of

Autonomous vehicle unicorn


Coming Soon


Douglas Feagin

Senior Vice President for
International Business, Ant Group

World's highest valued Fintech company


Coming Soon


Zhu Huimin

Vice President of Wireless Marketing, Huawei

One of the world’s largest telecommunications equipment and services providers


Coming Soon

Short Video

Yue Futao

Vice President of
Kuaishou Technology 

One of the world's leading short video platforms


Coming Soon

Cross-border Ecommerce

Lynn Dong

General Manager of Global Business Development and Key Accounts, Tmall Import and Export, Alibaba Group

World's largest retailer and
ecommerce company


Coming Soon

Details of the webinars, including date, time, and access instructions, will be emailed directly to report purchasers

A stat-packed, no nonsense breakdown of arguably the most important Internet ecosystem in the world.

Jeffrey Ding

D.Phil Researcher at Centre for the Governance of AI (Oxford University) and Founder of ChinAI Newsletter

Under the trend of global scientific and technological innovation, the report systematically describes the pattern and trend of the world's most growing enterprises, and gives the public a systematic decision and interpretation, which is worth reading.

Jason Li

Director of VIPKID Children's Research Institute


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